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July, 2016 | Leanhill

Monthly Archives - July 2016

Improve your processes instantly!

Is it possible to increase efficiency, safety and quality, reduce costs and shorten production time without months of planning, trials and testing, endless meetings and presentations? Could these changes be permanent? Do we need experts to implement them? The Japanese concept of Lean Manufacturing assumes that the most important thing is to solve problems at the source, using the intellectual potential of the employees. There’s no shortage of problems in our daily work. From morning to evening, employees and their [...]


Give me the sand faster!

We need to improve the performance of the entire production line. We have identified the performance of the grasper and gantry excavator as a bottleneck. Preliminary suggestions talk about the necessity of: purchasing a bigger gripping device (grasper), installing more powerful drives, to speed up extraction. Following the concept of genchi genbutsu, ‘Go and see for yourself’, after day-long measurement and observations from the operator’s cabin, the stages of the extraction process have been identified together with their time in seconds (minimally [...]