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August, 2016 | Leanhill

Monthly Archives - August 2016

8 ways not to waste resources.

8 ways not to waste resources. Are cost reductions, shortened production times and better quality aggregates possible without costly investments? The Japanese concept of Lean Manufacturing says it is! The most crucial thing is to solve problems at the source and to identify the different kinds of waste – factors that consume our time, people, energy, resources and money. The philosophy of Lean Manufacturing originated in Japan. It was established decades ago in response to Toyota’s company crisis after the Second [...]


Lean is about to test things.

Not enough storage space at an FMCG company – A case study of Lean Optimization in four acts. Act I ‘Why didn’t the BlackTlen 300 gel go to the customer?’ The plant manager was very upset at the morning meeting the next day. ‘Because the production line didn’t make it,’ said the planning manager. ‘Nonsense! How could we even make it, if the warehouse has stopped collecting finished parts from the production lines and we don’t have space to store them anyway? I [...]